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God called the other day

The other day my phone rings and it’s God… or at least that’s what the guy claimed. Apparently, everything is under control. The world, I mean. I asked him how he could say that with all the hunger, overpopulation, war, 2012 thing, etc., and he said it was all part of some master plan.

Anyway, the point of his call was that he had nothing else to do, because he had just finished setting everything up, and from that point forward all would pretty much run on by itself. He had called a few other people before me, just to chat, because he was getting bored.

So I thought I should ask what the point to life was, but I figured it wouldn’t have been too original of me. I therefore just asked him about the weather (he was right about the forecast, btw), then we chatted about women and such other things that men talk about to pass the time. He seemed like a pretty cool guy.


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